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If you'd like to leave some feedback about MJAviation, then please email me your name, location and your comments. Once received I'll add them to this page. Many thanks to those that have sent in some great comments, its very much appreciated.

Hi Mark, I stumbled across your website whilst researching for a maiden visit to the mach loop. Your info about the loop was excellent and very helpful. My next port of call was your gallery, absolutely jaw dropping! You can almost see the pilots boot size on the inside of his tongue there's that much detail! Pin sharp has just gone up a level! I'm an avid photography fan and have been Nikon from the early stages, but admit there have been times when canon seemed to be the way to go when you see some of the images produced by their gear and the amount of White lenses around at shows etc. You sir have restored my faith in Nikon and to be honest feel you should be a Nikon ambassador! I only hope they read your guestbook. I will be sticking with Nikon thanks to you. I would be very interested in a workshop if and when you do one but it would appear there's none on at the minute. Thanks for the advice you have given me regarding lenses it has confirmed which way to go with my choice. I have already spread the word about your website on the mach loop facebook page, so hopefully some more visits for you. It wouldn't be right to say "keep up the good work"! It's the only thing you know so it's all gonna be good!

Kind regards, Aaron from Leicester.

Fantastic website, absolutely incredible photographs, unbelievable shots!
Can't wait to check out the Mach Loop spot for myself, massive aviation enthusiast as a kid, looking to get back into it.

James Lester

Excellent photos and incredibly informative page.
Having only been into photography for a short time this is one for the bucket list.

Hey Mark -

I am a US Navy pilot embarked aboard USS G.H.W. Bush. My squadron is VFA-213, "The Fighting Blacklions" - we fly the F/A-18F Super Hornet.  Also on BUSH we have F/A18A+, F/A-18C, F/A-18E, and the new EA-18G. I'm an amateur photographer and a big fan of your web site and photos - your cover shot is simply stunning. I would, however, much rather see a USN jet tearing-it-up on your banner page rather than that ugly-ass Strike Eagle!


LCDR Perry "Whisper" Solomon
Embarked USS G.H.W. BUSH

Great website and top class photographs, I suppose it helps with very expensive good gear but still well done!



I discovered Mark’s photographic services via his website and commissioned two shoots at Bristol airport. I was very impressed by his professionalism and flexibility on the assignment and extremely pleased with the final photos, which included a takeoff and landing, servicing in the hangar and even people’s portraits.

Natasha Mekhail
Montreal, Canada


I follow you on twitter so decided to look at your site, your work is truly amazing! The best I have seen. The time-lapse video is stunning, I will be re-watching many times! I really want to get out to take some shots of low flying jets, I live in North Wales so go to Manchester airport to the viewing platform now and then, how did you get the end of runway positiion? maybe going to speke airport in a few weeks, drag my 8 yr old along, he isn't as bothered as his mum about the planes! Haha.

Great work, look forward to seeing more and more of it!


Ally Baeton

Hello Mark,
My name is David Jones. I live now in Cheshire. I would like to say that I appreciate your still photos and videos and have looked up your images on your website following on from seeing your videos on You Tube. I started photography six years ago and am nigh on 70 years of age.
My family came from Aberystwyth and I have been on the road through Dolgellau to Machynlleth on many occasions throughout the decades. This year I went to Anglesey on holiday and started an interest in aviation photography. I have  a few decent shots of Hawks. I have a Canon 50D with a Sigma 120-400 which gives me 640 at  the top end. I use a pistol grip under the lens which steadies up the handholding. However in the light of yours, and others, work I have a long way to go. 
I would love to take shots at the Mach Loop but whether I am fit enough to climb the mountain sides as yet I do not know!
Your photos are an inspiration to me and I thank you for the advice you have given in your website as to where and when to photography high speed military jets.  

Thanks again,

I found your site a few days ago. Just emailing to say the images are jaw dropping in their detail. Having taken some press shots recently of fast jets at an Airshow with the 300mm Nikon lens on a D3. I can appreciate the skill in these images... makes me want to visit the Mach Loop at some point.


Malcolm Park

Hi Mark

I have been into aviation photography for quite some time, and I am generally happy and sometimes very happy with my results. I receive many positive feedback on my work and have many photos published in magazines and books all over the world, even front pages. But I have just bumped into your Low Level section of photos...... and I think I am going to change my hobby!... I think I am going into butterflies collections or something like that!. I literally fell off my chair when I saw your low level pics. No need for congratulations because I am sure what I said is enough.

I shall certainly be visiting very frequently to see these pics.
Thanks for sharing.

Alan Cordina


Thank you so much for sharing these superb images you have captured. Just cannot believe that the aircraft fly that low but guess it all is fantastic training. I spent some time, NS, in the Royal Air Force but only went up once in an Avro Anson! I was a Ground Wireless Mechanic and the powers that be decided everyone should fly at least once!!! I sat on an apple crate as the seats were few and far between. Quite an experience really but nothing and I repeat nothing like you must experience taking photos of these modern aircraft at such low altitudes and such speeds. Once again I thank you for sharing these images and wish you well in all your endeavours. Will keep on checking back to your site.

Ralph Honey


The photos here are off the chart…. I have just got into DSLR and my school students are astounded and inspired by all that we are seeing here. We have just spent the afternoon with students going, ‘Wow!’ & “No way!!” all the time as we went through many of the aircraft. I found you on viewbug and am in awe.

Thank you.

Nige Burr
Patchway Community College, Bristol

Dear Mark,

I just wanted to say what an "absolute delight" I had scouring through your website and looking at everything with boyish excitement. You've got the equipment and you know how to use it, generating fantastic results. Everything I set out to do today was parked whilst I was mesmerized looking at your photos....hours of fun.

Diolch yn fawr a pob hwyl,

Yn gywir,

Glyn Pritchard-Jones

Hi Mark,

I've found your website when I was searching for the Mach Loop in Wales.
I must say that I'm very impressed about your website.
Your website is very informative, the pictures that you've made are very nice and from a high level.
I'm also very impressed to read which camera gear you use to make your pictures.
You've got very experience with photographing and to film.
Your website is already at my favourite websites.
I look forward to seeing your future work and I hope to visit the Mach Loop one day.

Kind Regards.

Roelof-Jan Gort
The Netherlands

Hi Mark,

I am a keen amateur photographer myself and I would like to comment on your set of low level photos.

There is only one word to describe them "absolutely stunning". I live on the Isle of Wight and sometimes visit Wales, I must try and get myself up to these places where you photograph.

All the best and Merry Christmas.

Phil Farmer
Isle Of Wight

G'day Mark,

A note to let you know I have browsed your site and seen your fascinating work.
You're a great talent, thanks for sharing it with us.

Ron Cook
Milsons Point
New South Wales


What can I say that's not been said already...

Your work is fantastic ... A true pro...  You capture much more than many can!

I'm also very impressed by your equipment ... Certainly wouldn't mind handling some of that!

Your website is very informative, in a easy to read format that even us novices can understand.

I look forward to seeing your future work and  I hope to visit the Mach loop one day.

Well done.

Geek Goddess
And Nikon user


Beautiful aircraft aside, the photographs that you have taken and made available on your site are absolutely amazing. I've been showing all of my friends and family the shots of the aircraft, but every one of them have commented on the skilful photography.

Keep up the great work and thank you for making the photographs available to view publicly.

London, E4

Just been looking through your stuff mate!!!  Amazing!  The site is slick, and pics and videos are awesome.  Went to RIAT this weekend and had a great time, capped off with the thought of a camping trip to Wales! Please keep up the good work!


Hi Mark

Your work is amazing. I know you have great camera gear but it still takes great skill to capture these awesome pictures and videos. Thanks for making them available for us to download and view.

Peter White
Maffra, Victoria, Austrailia

Hello Mark,
I've just seen your website and I'm in shock. I like airplanes but when I see your photos I love them.
Best regards from a beginner spotter.


As a motor sport regular and magazine journalist for over 40 years, I thought I'd seen some good action pics. Not like these, you are a fine craftsman and I thank you for sharing your work so openly.

Jeremy Walton

Hi Mark

I've seen many photographs in my time but yours simply blow them out the water. The best low flying shots I've ever seen. Keep up the good work and I'll be a regular visitor to your fantastic website.

David Young
Michigan, US.

Having just visited your website may I say how amazed I am at your images, they are fantastic, I am looking at taking a trip over now as I used to work in a Quarry in Leicestershire and we used to get a lot of the Tornadoes coming over at low level, sometimes when in the machinery on the heaps and banks they were almost level with me.

Now I would love a chance to see them in the valley's of Wales.

All The Best.

Wayne Neal
Nomadic Monk Images

Hello Mark

Having been photographing aircraft for many years, I thought I had some good shots, however I bow down to you! Your photos are awesome! Keep up the good work.

Simon Thorogood

Hello Mark,
Awesome images, best I have seen by far. Inspired me to make a visit to cad west on Monday 25th July, hawks and f15's flew through, absolutely fantastic, thank you.
Paul Boucher
Gloucester, England

Hello Mark,
This afternoon I visited your website and so enjoyed watching your superb photography and videos of the Mach Loop and The Bwlch. As an ex-pat Welshman from the Cardiff area and former member of the RAF, your fantastic photography leaves me with a great sense of "hiraeth" as well as happy memories of Air Force days.

Thank you  - we'll keep on watching this wonderful website.
Mike Wellings
Austin,  Texas


Amazing photos, have just sent a link to a few other people that will enjoy them as well!



Its from your site that has launched my photography in a different direction, truly inspirational material and something you should be proud of! I hope to make many journeys into this genre and hopefully one day get to meet you - good luck with the forum, they too can be an obsession - I should know !

Mark Wood

Hi Mark,

I cannot remember how I found your site but I am glad I did! :-) You're photos are breathtaking! I have been a combat aircraft enthusiast for almost 24 years now and I have seen a lot of aircraft photos in my time. But I have never seen photos with such quality and brilliant composition as yours! :-)

Your page is bookmarked! Keep up your amazing work. :-)

Best wishes

Jan Christensen

Hi Mark,
Let me start with, Great Web Site.
I'm just amazed at the high quality you manage to produce with your photographs, they are some of the best I've seen for a very long time. Keep up the good work.
Best Regards,

Hi Mark,
I share your passion for military aircraft and absolutely love your web site. Living in Van near Llanidloes, we obviously see many of these lovely creations, so thanks for the stunning photographs and videos.
Regards, and again thanks.
Roger Hepson

Hello Mark

Your photos are awesome. I love the plane shots.
I live in Townsville Queensland. we have a RAAF Base here.
I get out and about when the F18 's are in town.......normally right at the end of the runway as the land or take off.
Our airforce has just retired the F1-11 I managed only one shot of this old warbird.

Best wishes


Hi Mark,  just had a quick look at your site after a tip off from a friend, excellent pictures ! Love the gliding ones as well, as I used to fly gliders here in North Wales. The low fly pictures are great quality & I have a lot to learn after seeing those. I visit the 'loop' area a few times during the year. Hope to bump into you sometime.
Gary Jones
Llandudno Junction

Hi Mark,

I came across your web site by accident and I am glad that I did. What wonderful techniques and skills and not to mention the dedication you have got.   Simply mind blowing!!!
I have been an aviation fan like you for many, many  years. Although I like the airliners world more than the military arena, but I do appreciate the extra ordinary work done my some, such as you.  
Many congratulations and very well done for your wonderful work and also for sharing these with the world.
Fox2 sounds good and I will definitely check that out too.


Wembley, Middlesex.

Hi Mark,

I'm new to this low flying photography in the grand scheme of things, which is a shame because I've missed so many amazing sights. It was your images that finally made me buy a telephoto lens and kick start a hobby which I've become to love. The images and post processing techniques you apply are simply staggering especially with your HDR images. It's also great watching your various videos in top quality - it's almost like being there. Excellent skill showed in both stills and video. Keep up the good work mate, might see you in the year.

Dave Ellis

Hello Mark

I am a fan of your photo gallery, your shots are incredible ! I am a regular spectator of your website and it's always a great pleasure. I'm a French spotter since many years and looking at yours pics I feel like a new one !!

Wales seems to be a really beautiful country ... you are a very good  ambassador of this land ! I have to plan a trip there (with my "low  level" english!!)

Thanks again and keep it up.

Philippe DOMINGUEZ from south of France

Hello! I discovered your excellent photos via Flickr and website.
Your photos show a particular abundance and are really excellent, but ... The most noticeable thing that (at least I noticed) is that your photos are taken mostly from the heart of an aviation enthusiast. My heartfelt congratulations for all you do and share with us. I hope one day to come and visit your beautiful country and be able to see the planes as you do. Your own shots in the mountains remind me of Axalp in Switzerland.
Really beautiful photos and the videos are outrageous.
A presto un abbraccio

Roberto Bordieri

Hi Mark,

Came across your site by pure chance and what a find!! Absolutely fantastic photography both still and video. I have bookmarked your site and will definitely be back time and again (been on 4 times in three days already!!)My son Joe and me are planning a visit to Cad West in the not too distant future so maybe we’ll see you on the top side. Keep up this crucial work. Stunning! Pure genius!!

Regards and best wishes

Mike Maskrey (Stockport via Nottingham)

Hi Mark.

When I was twelve I was very lucky to have the chance to go on a week’s holiday with the Scouts to mid Wales from my home in Coventry. The place we stayed was Corris.

Our week was spent carrying out various activities, including rock climbing and hiking etc.
But during this week we could hear the sounds of jets flying through the valley.
Like any twelve year old, the excitement of aircraft was high on my lists of interests.
The only thing was, we could only hear them and never seen them.
A couple of years later the Scouts again took me to Wales, but this time it was camping in Dolgellau.
We were camping on the road which runs from Dolgellau up to the lakes above Arthog.
The highlight of the week was a trip up and along Cadair.
This time we caught a couple of what I believe was Hunters coming down the valley toward Tal-y-Llyn Lake.
Thirty eight years later getting toward my 50th birthday of all the places I have ever wanted to go back to before I die, is of course mid Wales and the same area's as above.
On Monday 21st of September 2009, I had the time to make the pilgrimage to Dolgellau and spent a dry but overcast day within the area.
On a run down to the Tal-Y-Llyn-Lake we were buzzed by a hawk, which seemed to turn left for Corris.
On my return home that evening, I down loaded my few photos I had taken, and went on line to find out what aircraft use the area.
To my surprise, I came across your website.

And what a site.

I am amazed at the quality of your film footage and of the still photography of your associates.

My admiration goes to you all for your patients to get the pictures and your stamina to achieve the heights required to get these fantastic shots.

My gratitude to you all for allowing  people like me to view such stunning aircraft in equally stunning scenery.

I have bookmarked your site and I will watch with eager anticipation of what may come over the hills next.

Many, Many Thanks.

Tony Verdon.

Hi Mark,
I’m a regular visitor to your site and rightly so as your photography and videos just astounds me every time I see it! The superb quality of footage, editing and soundtracks on your videos is simply outstanding and the photographs are incredible and so great to look! I am also a keen aviation enthusiast and love taking videos and one day hope to spend a good while up round the mach loop and get some sweet footage like yours, but I just need the top gear! Thanks so much for your videos and photos and hope you continue to give us more and more for many years to come!


Amazing videos! Wish you had been around in the 1970/80 era to record our exploits in Hunters, Hawks and Jags, would have made a great memento.
Peter New

Just downloaded the Duxford air show vids. Absolutely awesome as per norm, great soundtrack but still with the aircraft music as well, the corsair sounds fantastic!!  Great work and looking forward to more:-)
New Zealand

Your images are bloody amazing!!!

Impressed is an understatement. I've done a little in the way of aircraft photography myself, but nothing of mine comes anywhere near what you are producing, mine are all on the ground!! You've opened my eyes to what 'proper' images should look like.

Ian Harrison

I went on this site not knowing what to expect and boy was I surprised. Mark takes pictures and videos of the HIGHEST quality, and his time and patience in the infamous Mach Loop have been well spent and well rewarded. Makes me wanna go there even more now. This is a quality site which showcases Mark as a true professional, and I would recommend anyone into frontline aviation to check out his stuff.

Nick Hinton

Hi Mark
Came to your excellent site via UKAR following your recent posting. Thoroughly impressed with your efforts , as well as the way your site is laid out , and the information it contains.
Thanks very much.
West London

I first met Mark last year after starting out in photography and starting to make trips into the Welsh hills. The level of quality Mark produces is second to none, be it still photography or HD video. I could spend hours looking through the website at what can only be described as professional level work and don't think there is another website that can offer you a better insight into the Mach Loop or aviation photography. MJAviation sets standards that can't be found anywhere else on the web! If this site doesn't get your legs and fingers itching to get up there and have a go yourself, nothing else will! Keep up the awesome work Mark.

Mike Astles

I was checking out your site again after searching for Mach Loop video, and viewed some more of your videos (CAD East and West). I am EXTREMELY impressed with your videography, editing and choice of soundtracks. The high quality of the video and music makes me want to watch them over and over.
Excellent overall work on your site!
Ken Middleton
When I first saw Mark's photos from the Mach Loop I was blown away. The quality of his shots are second to none and up there with any published work from the loop. His HD video's are something that no one else has
come close to and the quality is unbeatable. Superb footage mixed with his talent of editing create videos that will be showcased for years to come. I check his website most days so I can catch his latest shots / footage and I'm never disappointed. Keep up the great work mate!

Ian Astles

Some of the best photos I have ever seen, the time spent to get the footage then to edit it just great.
Keep up the good work and add more to your web site.

John Mason
Suffolk, UK

I came across Marks superb photos from his Flickr. Some of the best military aviation photographs I've ever seen, I really would love to make a visit to the Mach loop one day. The HD videos that can be found are second to none and I can highly recommend them to any aircraft enthusiast.

Bookmarked as I'll be a regular visitor.

Matthew Evans
South Wales

Hi Mark

Fantastic photographs and videos, thought the soundtracks really added to the footage.



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